Pixical is a perfect platform for kids to learn piano online with professional experts from the best music schools in the country. The whole system is designed to make learning fun and interactive. The curriculum is a perfect blend of theory and technique, with a mix of private and group sessions make learning more fun. The program features:

  • Expert teachersprofessional instructors from Berklee, Juilliard and Oberlin
  • First-of-its-kind learning experience—a simple, intuitive experience powered by the latest advances in technology
  • Proven curriculum—online-first curriculum optimized for fun, personal discovery and effectiveness
  • Cost-effective and convenient—affordable prices and easy access to the world’s best instructors in the comfort of your own home.

Pixical offers two types of courses:

  • Curio is suitable for kids of all ages; no experience is necessary. The program offers a flexible week-by-week enrollment format, making it a perfect summer camp companion.
  • Virtuoso is for advanced students with 5+ years of piano instruction and includes master classes taught by leading pianists.

To have the best online learning experience, the platform provides:

  • Multiple views to maximize engagement and learning
  • High-quality audio and recording features that are 100% reliable
  • Unique online learning tools like Metronome and Play-Along.

Practice becomes easier and more fun with features provided by Pixical, such as:

  • Gamification, including rewards, badges, and leaderboard
  • Peer learning with live classes
  • Mobile app for practising on the go
  • Play along interaction for a better learning experience
  • Study plans prepared to make the whole process personalized.
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