Pixemy knows how difficult it is for parents to figure out which extracurricular activities kids will be interested in or passionate aboutinvesting your time, money, and energy in shuttling kids around to various courses just to discover that they are not interested.

Pixemy Minis provide a solution that aims to help you discover your child's true interest. A "mini" is a short-term or bite-sized course, which is 3 sessions long and delivered by experts. These courses are objective- and outcomes-focused, providing an experiential hands-on learning experience for kids.

Pixemy offers kids a variety of courses to explore, ranging from Visual and Digital Art, Music, and Dance to Theatre, Coding & Game Design, Chess, Cooking, Film Making, Financial Literacy, and many more.

1. Passionate teachers who guide kids to figure out their true interests
2. Small-group classes for better peer-to-peer learning
3. Personalized attention from teachers
4. Individual feedback for children, helping them to make informed decisions.

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