Leaders 4SC Summer Workshop

Leaders 4SC offers a flexible, affordable, and student-centered digital workshop for middle school students on leadership, communication, decision-making, and advocacy. The online workshop allows students to watch live and recorded lectures, complete group activities and online puzzles, and submit all assignments from a tablet/computer from home. Leaders 4SC aims to train the next generation of civic leaders: members of a community who actively participate in society. Subjects include:

Public Speaking: Students develop good public speaking habits and craft a rhetorically powerful speech.

Argumentative Writing: Students develope a persuasive and well-reasoned editorial (op-ed style) article on a topic of interest to them.

Current Events: Students discuss topics pertaining to their lives as well as national, global, and futuristic topics.

Interdisciplinary: Students are exposed to topics in philosophy, psychology, economics, history, civics, statistics, and more.

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