Codingal offers K-12 children a platform to learn coding through one-on-one online classes and exciting coding competitions and hackathons. The platform uses a unique, research-based curriculum that makes coding an effective learning aid. The pedagogic approach helps the students develop problem solving, analytical, and critical thinking skills through coding.

Codingal's classes and activities are designed to help students develop a deeper understanding of STEM concepts and start performing better at school. Codingal also hosts hackathons and coding competitions to inspire millions of school students to enter the world of coding and experience it in a format that is thrilling. The participation in these competitions is free of charge and gives students the opportunity to win certificates from prestigious institutions and universities.

Codingal promises to make learning to code a fun, interactive, and creative process. Book a free online coding class with Codingal today and help your child to create a better future through code.

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