Choirs4Kids specializes in online singing classes for your superstar, providing a place for kids ages 4 to 15 to connect with others through songin a safe environment with guided instruction videos each week and an online virtual choir. It's a place where children feel connected with others; where their families feel part of a beautiful, growing community; where they all get to be free to be themselves and enjoy every opportunity that comes along, which helps them to grow in confidence.

In class, singers learn to use their voices in different ways to create a better sound; they learn to work together to sing in rounds and hold different parts within songs.  

The director and founder, Sue, founded Choirs4Kids in 2016 after realizing that many children, including her daughter, were either too young to join their school choir or the school didn’t have a choir. She has over twenty years of experience leading choirs and has a unique ability to instill a love of singing in everyone she meets.

In early 2020, Sue moved Choirs4Kids online, and in doing so is now reaching young people all over the world. The weekly online sessions massively boost children’s confidence. Sue excels in helping young people find their confidence through her absolute focus on each individual. She helps them realize their vocal potential, giving them the power to believe in their own voice.

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