Westchester's Rivertowns with Kids: 75+ Things To Do

There's so much to do in Westchester’s Rivertowns, the scenic and charming cities, towns, and villages that line the eastern shore of the Hudson River, from Yonkers to Peekskill.

The best part about the Rivertowns, of course, is their location along the water. This affords them not only scenic views and aquatic activity, but also a rich history from centuries of settlement along its banks. 

Below we've rounded up assorted highlights of Westchester's Rivertowns for family fun, including kid-friendly restaurants, cool museums, beautiful parks, historic mansions, and much more. There are also numerous family-friendly events—from festivals to performances—that can be found year-round on our Event Calendar and via our free newsletters.

The Best Places to Go Sledding in Westchester with Kids

The snow season is upon us—and while you may be considering the practical aspects of snow fall, like shoveling, commuting changes, and other (hopefully minor) disruptions and annoyances, kids see powdery snow blanketing the yards, sidewalks, and cars, and all they can think of is ... SNOW DAY!

We've rounded up the most popular sledding destinations across the county, along with some helpful tips for keeping little ones safe while they sled. 

Be sure to check our Winter Fun Guide and Indoor Activity Guide for more ideas to keep kids busy this winter. Our Event Calendar is also full of kid-friendly events and activities happening around town.

12 Holiday Craft Fairs and Markets in Westchester and the Hudson Valley

‘Tis the season for holiday craft fairs, where an abundance of handmade goodies are presented by local makers across Westchester and the lower Hudson Valley. Whether it’s sweet-smelling soaps, handmade jewelry, or blown glass, you are sure to find something special for everyone on your Nice list. 

We’ve gathered up some of our favorite holiday markets and Christmas craft fairs occurring across the area, many of which pack in extra kid-friendly events like games and photos with Santa. Looking for more holiday activities? Check out our Event Calendar and sign up for our newsletters!

Fall Festivals in Westchester: Cider, Donuts, Pumpkin Carving & Hayrides

Usher in the fall season in Westchester with a host of family autumn festivals. The area's harvest celebrations are packed with fun seasonal activities for kids, including pumpkin fun, hayrides, apple-cidering, doughnuts and more.

We've rounded up details on the best upcoming fall festivals in Westchester, several of which made our September GoList. Be sure to consult our guide to best places for apple picking, many of which include festival-like added attractions.

Looking for more family fun? Get the most out of the season with our newsletters and follow us on Facebook

Rock n Roll Classes: Where Westchester Kids can Unleash Inner Jaggers & Joplins

So your child wants to a be a rock n roll star? Then listen now to what we say ...

In response to a growing demand, several music schools here in Westchester have either added rock to their repertoire or opened to exclusively teach the sound to a new generation of aspiring artists. The schools differ in their approaches but all offer both group and individual instruction. Some also encourage public performing or offer opportunities for recording.

Read on to learn about places in our area that offer rock lessons for budding musicians with either amateur or serious aspirations. Looking for more classes in Westchester? Consult our Classes Guide and sign up for our newsletters

Thanksgiving Cheats: Where Westchester Families Can Score Some (or All!) of Thanksgiving Dinner

Turkey Day is coming—and we all know what that means! More appetizers, main courses, side dishes and desserts served up in one meal than most people are normally able to cook in a week.

No knife skills skills? No time? No kitchen? No problem! Westchester is full of shops and restaurants ready, willing and waiting to put that turkey dinner (or vegetarian alternative!) together for you. Pick up or delivery, precooked or just prepared, this list has something for every level of commitment.

And if you're already thinking about how to stay active this time of year, check out our post on turkey trots and fun runs happening throughout Westchester. And don't forget our November GoList for more fun events happening all month long! 

Westchester Gyms with Childcare: Where Parents Can Exercise While Kids Work Out

Warmer weather is just around the corner and springtime often brings with it resolutions to get active and stay fit--great ideas for the entire family! Along with indoor play spaces and kids-only gyms, Westchester also has several choices for families who want to get all of their exercising done in one fell swoop. While many local gyms have nurseries or playrooms where little kids can hang out while their parents work out, several have gone one step further and created sports and activity programs to keep kids busy while parents pound out miles on the treadmill or try to master those impossible double-unders.

Several fitness centers throughout Westchester offer comprehensive programs for kids that include everything from dance to cheerleading; sports to CPR training. Read on for details on keeping the whole family fit and active.

Read Across America: Where to Celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday with Westchester Kids

As both a mom and a teacher, I truly believe it is just about impossible to overstate the importance and creativity of Dr. Seuss’ amazing books for children. Every year, in early March, schools, libraries, books stores, families and artists of all stripes come together to celebrate Dr Seuss’ Birthday and the National Education Association’s Read Across America Day. This year Dr. Seuss’ birthday falls on Sunday, March 2, and many venues in Westchester County--including several of our recently featured Rivertowns--will be celebrating in his honor. Fry up a batch of “Green Eggs and Ham” and then head out to one of these Seusstastic celebrations! Some programs require advance registration or have residency restrictions so be sure to check in advance!

Gymnastics Classes for Westchester Kids

Kids love to run, jump, flip and play. Not so great when its your sofa, their bed or each other that they're jumping on. Looking for a class to channel that energy into something more constructive? My father was a gymnast in high school and college and was still tumbling on the lawn or in the park up until my teens, much to the delight of my friends (it never got old for me, either). I didn't follow in my father's gymnast footsteps, however when my kids showed an interest, I jumped on the chance to sign them up for classes. Gymnastics can be a great way for kids to exert some energy, learn how to safely jump, flip and roll, increase confidence and discipline and yes, show off to their friends. There are lots of great options for gymnastics in Westchester, and we've rounded them up for you here. For more gymnastics options, see our post on gymnastics classes in Lower Hudson Valley.

7 Great Hikes with Kids in Westchester and Hudson Valley

Are the kids getting restless? Do you need some outdoor activity that will get them away from the TV, expending energy and enjoying the great outdoors? Have you thought about taking a hike? Not a hike away from the kids...a hike with the kids! Westchester County offers great trails that will get you out there together, enjoying nature and taking in the sights and sounds.

The Westchester County Parks system has an amazing array of hiking opportunities and trails with gorgeous views that are easy enough for tikes to keeps up while still offering plenty of fun for older kids. Hiking is a great activity that can be enjoyed in all kinds of weather. So fill your water bottle, lace up the hiking shoes and head out to the trails. Read more to find some easy hikes along lakes, fields and waterfalls and enjoy some great hiking with your family.

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