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Coach Allie's GYM JAM

Coach Allie's GYM JAM will create an incredible sports/games party experience for your child. GYM JAM activities are unique and innovative and are designed to teach teamwork and build positive self-esteem. Everyone will love the awesome games and activities, and all your guests will feel comfortable participating. Coach Allie provides lots of sports/games choices and will cater them to your child's wishes. Each activity is safe, inclusive, positive, exciting, and fun. GYM JAM parties include 75 minutes of activity (unless otherwise requested) and can take place indoors or outdoors. All sports/game equipment is provided. Party space must be provided.

Coach Allie has been teaching PE and coaching for over 30 years and believes that kids have the most fun when they feel comfortable, feel included, and are celebrated for doing their very best.

Let's GYM JAM!

Coach Allie's GYM JAM
Westchester County, NY

Coach Allie's GYM JAM
NY Tri-State Area
various, NY
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