Rising Sport Stars

Rising Sport Stars is a Jr. Knicks Affiliate program. The program's philosophy is to share the game of basketball with all the children in the community by teaching skills and values and promoting a fun and positive learning environment. The approach includes small-group activities and drills in which players are both competing as individuals and working together. This isn’t your traditional format, and it forces the players to think and utilize their fundamental skill sets. Skills are taught through intense focus on detail and repetition.

Rising Sport Stars focuses on fundamental skills such as shooting, ball handling, passing, and defense. The coaches break down each skill using explanations and demonstrations, and this is followed by player repetitions as the coaches provide performance feedback and constantly look out for errors. Coaches continuously provide corrections and feedback as they want their players to develop good habits. Teaching starts off at a slow pace with practicing skills and then advances to game speed as players get more comfortable. The coaches are always looking for ways to adapt and modify activities, drills, and games to meet the needs of players of all varied skill levels so they may receive the maximum benefit. 

Rising Sport Stars offers classes, clinics, leagues, and private sessions for both boys and girls ages 5 and up.

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