The Nature Place Day Camp

Camp at The Nature Place is about being in and connecting with the natural world: nature explorations, cooperative games, hiking, earth art, swimming lessons, mucking in the stream, camping, canoeing, climbing, farming and gardening, meeting animals, storytelling, music, archery, drama, and more. Connecting with others and establishing a healthy sense of self through outdoor play, challenge, and learning lays the foundation for a life filled with wonder, flexibility, perseverance, and gratitude.

Being non-competitive means that activities and games focus on cooperation, teamwork, communication, and collaboration. The full camp program offers abundant physical activity without being centered around competitive athletics. Unplugged and media-free since 1985, camp does not have vending machines, movie screenings, video games, awards, color wars, or pressured daily schedules. In an increasingly digitized world, The Nature Place fosters children’s confidence to connect in person.

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