ROAMFurther Athletics

Starting as young as 9 months, ROAM's guided youth classes and camps focus on children’s natural curiosity for movement and desire for achievement through the foundations of Parkour.

Parkour is about learning to use our bodies to better move and interact with the world around us. It’s an excellent alternative to—or supplement for—traditional athletics. Parkour refines strength, balance, and body awareness–regardless of how much or how little a student begins with.

Each youth class features a coach-led, organic curriculum. Classes shift between social-focused training where students participate in progressing new skills together, and individual training where they focus on skills of their specific interest. All youth programs are structured around fundamentals achievable by all ages, slowly expanding complexity and difficulty, and add in new skill-sets over time.

ROAM offers a variety of programs for differing skill and interest levels. From core classes, camps, and after-school activities–to invitation-based Focus sessions, there’s something for students of every age and ability level.

Beyond classes & camps, ROAMFurther also hosts other unique occasions such as fundraising events, private group classes, and birthday celebrations.

Birthday Parties at ROAM offer a high-energy, coach led athletic experience with exclusive use of our unique training facility in Mount Kisco, NY.

Our highly skilled coaches create Parkour and Ninja based obstacle challenges for kids of all ages and abilities. Following your time in our training space is dedicated time in our party room. Decorate and design however you like for simple after party refreshments or a more elaborate celebration!

Adults can watch the birthday party from our extended countertop overlooking the training space, and socialize over coffee, tea, and locally sourced baked goods at our in-house specialty coffee shop.

From our youngest students to their parents, ROAM was designed with something for everyone in mind.

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