Hoff-Barthelson Music School

Online lessons and classes are available.

A commitment to creativity, collaboration, and community permeates Hoff-Barthelson’s holistic approach to music education. Students of all ages, aptitudes, and levels of interest—from casual learners to students preparing to pursue careers in music, from 9-month-olds in the Early Childhood Program to recent retirees returning to music making after decades devoted to pursuing careers and raising children—all enjoy these benefits: a supportive, joyful learning environment; a focus on the whole person; exceptional teaching; and a multifaceted curriculum.

The comprehensive approach deepens and accelerates musical development through individualized private instruction; classroom instruction in music theory, sight-singing, and music history; regular performance opportunities including recitals, workshops, performance festivals, and master classes with visiting artists; and ongoing assessment of student progress. Enrollment is ongoing.

Summer Arts Program

Hoff-Barthelson’s Summer Arts Program (SAP) provides a joyous, transformative opportunity for artistic exploration for students in grades 1-10. Each participant’s program is individually tailored to his or her needs and interests. Through the SAP, students often form lasting friendships that help catalyze and reinforce learning.

Taught by top-flight faculty, offerings include instrumental classes, orchestra, chamber music, visual arts, world drumming, music technology, chimes, chorus, piano for non-pianists, jazz, and more.

Unfettered by schoolwork and the scheduling challenges often faced during the school year, SAP students have the latitude to try additional instruments, experiment musically, take lessons every day, and perform each week. Consequently, they’re able to make tremendous progress over the program’s five weeks.

Morning-only, extended-day, and afternoon-only options are available. Early bird discounts are also available.

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