Fiddleheads Cooking Studio

Enjoy a flavorful adventure with Fiddleheads, whose mission is to create a fun and educational environment that promotes food exploration and teaches children where food comes from using seasonal ingredients.

Fiddleheads offers hands-on cooking classes where children are encouraged to touch, smell and taste all ingredients. Children learn how to collaborate together to create their dish and how to use kitchen tools safely as they take turns measuring and mixing. As dishes cook, students engage in a lively, interactive conversation about how food grows, who grows it, and how it got to the kitchen – either through story time, an art project, a game or gardening activity. And finally, children enjoy the final product as a community as they share their feelings and thoughts about flavor and texture.

Fiddleheads offers summer programs connected with fun weekly themes, garden education, crafts - and - children receive their very own apron. They will learn new skills, discover different ingredients, explore the gardens, use their creativity and make their snack, lunch and drink – saving parents additional time and effort.

Classes are conducted for children of all ages at various locations throughout Westchester and Connecticut, including community centers, farms, public libraries, museums, farmers' markets and more. Additional offerings include private or group lessons at home, after-school programs, workshops for parents and teachers, and birthday parties.  

It's not just about food – it's about empowering children in the kitchen!

Try a class today! Visit the Fiddleheads website or call for more information and to register.

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