Round House Theatre Education

At Round House Theatre Education, it is believed that everyone is an artist and should be encouraged to explore all aspects of theatre—acting, movement, design, and play creation. Students of all ages and backgrounds can experience the joy of creating and sharing theatre in programs that inspire creativity, exercise imaginations, and promote artistic risk-taking.


Destinations (grades K-3)

Destinations is a theatre arts camp fueled by the imaginations of our students. In the morning, budding artists participate in acting, design, and movement classes. Each afternoon, students then apply their new skills and their own imaginations to create theatrical adventures. Each session features a different theme–from Magical Kingdoms to Animation Adventures–creating unique experiences each week. Students can attend multiple sessions and never visit the same place twice!

Round House Theatre Education Center, 925 Wayne Avenue, Silver Spring, MD

Playmakers (grades 4-6)

Playmakers allows students to explore the joys and challenges of working as an ensemble to write, design, rehearse, and perform an original production live or for the camera. Every session introduces students to different approaches to artistic creation, as well as skill-building workshops in acting, movement, and design. The ensemble shares their original production or film at the end of the session.

Round House Theatre in Bethesda or Round House Theatre Rehearsal Room in Silver Spring, MD

Teen Institute (grades 6-12)

Teen Institute provides a unique opportunity for students to explore the arts in a supportive yet challenging environment while developing their unique artistic talents. Each session focuses on a different area of expertise including Playwriting, Improv, Filmmaking, and Stage Combat. Students learn from artists/educators who are professionals in the Washington, DC theatre community. The program caters to students of all skill levels, dividing them into age-appropriate companies. Programs culminate in a showcase for family and friends.

Round House Theatre in Bethesda

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