Joy of Motion Dance Center

Since its inception, Joy of Motion Dance Center quickly became a place where students could study, observe, and perform a wide variety of dance forms. Joy of Motion Dance Center (JOMDC) was founded in 1976 by Michelle Ava who recognized that DC needed a dance environment that could serve a more diverse populace to include non-dancers as well as aspiring professionals. At Joy of Motion the goal is to bring dance to all (regardless of means) and to connect dance to other related arts. 

JOMDC is built on a foundation of Authenticity, Vibrancy, and Awareness for the dancers involved. Dancers grow and learn through their experiences. Aside from offering classes, JOMDC addresses the wholistic well-being of individuals (of all ages) who enter the doors. Providing rich experiences for students and the community is key to its mission. 

Program Overview:

Joy of Motion offers a robust program for youth, teens, and adults through classes, camps, workshops, master classes and more. Youth classes are available for students age 18 months to 14 years as enrollment classes for Fall, Winter, Spring, and/or Summer terms. Teen and adult classes are available as drop-in classes in a variety of styles, giving maximum scheduling freedom. Special workshops and masterclasses are offered throughout the year to give intensive instruction in a particular style. Joy of Motion also offers special programs throughout the year for both youth and adults. 

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