Game Camp Nation - Herndon, VA

Turn video game ideas into reality at Game Camp Nation, an educational game studio for kids and teens. Through summer camps and year-round online lessons, Game Camp Nation delivers engaging courses to aspiring game designers, programmers, and artists of all skill levels. Offerings include:

Game Design (ages 9–19)
Learn to design game mechanics. Game designers invent how a game functions and flows from beginning to end.

Pixel Art (ages 9–19)
Learn to draw and animate two-dimensional sprites with visual effects. 2-D artists produce coherent artwork for games.

Programming (ages 9–19)
Learn to write game code. Game programmers implement a design and import assets to develop a playable game.

3-D Graphics (ages 13–19)
Learn to build and animate three-dimensional models with visual effects. 3-D artists produce artwork for games and movies.

Leadership (ages 16–19)
Learn to work effectively with children, peers, and supervisors. Trainees develop skills to succeed as a camp counselor.

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