Tufas Boulder Lounge

Tufas is thrilled to be able to provide Philadelphia with an indoor rock climbing gym. Tufas incorporates everything that we love about the sport and lifestyle of climbing. The founders have designed over 5,500 square feett of climbing terrain with beginner and advanced climbers in mind. In addition, there is 1,500 square feet of climbing-specific training and general fitness to keep you strong, motivated, and healthy.

Tufas is more than just an indoor rock climbing gym.

Tufas understands the importance of community, which is why Tufas has created multiple lounge areas to provide an environment where trips can be planned, and memories can be shared over coffee. There is also a Ping Pong table for when you are too pumped to continue climbing. Now that the approach is over it’s time to start climbing!

Tufas offers an assortment of experiences that are tailored to anyone coming through the facility. Through our community-based events, youth after-school classes and summer camps, and adult technique classes is how this can be achieved! Anyone can have an amazing experience and are encouraged to join the community!

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