Preschool for Nutritionally-Challenged (Parents)

3/12/07 - By Anna Fader
In the New York Times this weekend an article depicts Nutritional Sciences Preschool in Brunswick, New Jersey as a preschool on the forefront of a new trend - preschools with a curriculum focus on nutrition. Forget about finger painting and blocks, the class activity focuses around preparing healthy snacks. These kids are going to learn to eat well and like it - and woe is the child who should be so foolish as to claim he doesn't like veggies.
A new boy in the class, Julian Namazi, blurted out that he did not like any vegetables. In a grandmotherly voice, Mrs. Worobey reassured him that she never liked the canned vegetables she ate growing up but now eats fresh vegetables and loves them.
We're all for forgoing the juice, but we can live without the heavy-handed indoctrination.
When Emily Logan, 4, picked up an apple, Ms. Mitchell asked: “Is that an anytime food or a sometime food?�?
Are parents so incapable of teaching and enforcing some discipline and values in their children that they need to farm every little detail out (um, I guess we answered that in the next post)? Can't the kids just play, for crying out loud?