Parent like a rookie

I love this site, RookieMoms. It’s two cool moms in Berkley who post activities to do with your little one. (Their site description is 300 things more fun than cleaning someone's tushie. ) They range from the mundane (go look at the animals in the pet store) to crafty (make baby pants out of a t-shirt). I think even a reminder that entertainment is as close as your local pet store is great. Recently they had an activity that really blew me away. Activity #287 is to email your baby. The idea is that you set up an email account for your baby and send them emails. It could be telling them something cute that they said or a letter stating how much you love them that day. Then when they are old enough they can log-on to their email account and read the years of notes you’ve sent them. I’m seriously crying right now just thinking of that moment. Does anyone have a tissue? How about you? Do you have any great activity ideas to share?
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