No child's spanked behind

An intense debate has been started by California Democratic Assemblywoman Sally J. Leiber's announcement of her intent to introduce a bill to make spanking a child under the age of 4 a crime. The Republicans wasted no time in shooting down the, as yet unwritten, law as crazy and "not well thought out." While enforcing a no spanking law might be a bit hard, seeing as how fast big red hand prints fade from tiny little bottoms, that isn't really the point. Like car seat and seat belt laws, a no spanking law is more about the government setting guidelines for the best and healthiest behavior for its citizens. The American Academy of Pediatrics takes a very clear position on spanking, citing that it is harmful to both parent and child and suggesting that if a parent does spank in a moment of anger they should apologize. (Wouldn't that be nice?) Nine European countries already prohibit spanking. It seems like a no-brainer, smacking children who don't really understand the difference between right and wrong is wrong. Our laws protect children from every other possible threat, why is the right to hit a baby sacrosanct? It looks like this is just another example of our fearless leaders thinking about their own bottoms, not the ones of their littlest constituencies.
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