Cultcha:Opera for Kids

1/9/07 - By Anna Fader

The way I see, it there's basically two types of people: people who like opera and people who don't. One of those groups happens to be much, much, much, much, much larger than the other, but that's still how I like to break it down.


If you fall into the very popular don't category you should definitely take your kids to see The New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players' The Mikado at City Center. Listen, even if you choose to live your life in darkness, you really owe it to your children to grace them with the riches of kitschy, esoteric British Victorian culture. If that's not enough of a sell for you, then do it so you can go around bragging about how you took your kid to the opera and they loved it.


For the few people who actually like real opera, you should have taken them to see The Magic Flute at Lincoln Center. It was fabulous. Well, at least you can watch it in HD on January 24th Great Performances on PBS.


Check out the glowing New York Times review.