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Snapology understands that the closure of schools can be challenging for students and parents, so it's taking its popular Snapology STEAM classes online. Snapology is now offering daily online programs for students 4-14, including classes, playdates, and birthday parties.

Snapology has adapted its curriculum so your child can make their screen time count with engaging and entertaining STEAM enrichment. Enrollment is limited so that children have the opportunity to engage and interact socially.

How Does It Work?

  • Classes: Choose the class that is right for you and enroll your student. You will be given a link to the online class. At the time of the scheduled class, your student will join the class via webcam.
  • Playdates: Choose one parent to set up the playdate for your group. That parent will distribute an enrollment link for everyone to use. At the time of the scheduled playdate, your group will join the playdate via webcam.

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