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Brooklyn Schoolhouse

Brooklyn Schoolhouse is founded on the conviction that children have an innate desire to explore, play, and learn and are naturally competent and capable learners. Children ages 18 months to five years old engage in curricula that emerge from their own interests and questions. Brooklyn Schoolhouse believes that children learn best in a diverse community where their ideas and questions are respected and where they are guided through the process of building meaningful understandings.

Brooklyn Schoolhouse values play as an integral part of human development. Play is an important and uniquely personal medium for children to think and reflect, test their theories and ideas, practice, and build understandings about themselves and their world. Engaging with the natural world is also an integral part of every child's school day. Brooklyn Schoolhouse believes that this kind of education builds collaboration skills and social responsibility and fosters creativity and ingenuity.

Brooklyn Schoolhouse
156 Gates Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238
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