Pinard Nursery School

Pinard Nursery School provides early childhood care and education for children 18 months and up, taking an interdisciplinary approach to all themes. The teachers believe that children’s minds are like sponges, absorbing knowledge from the information that’s given to them. Their learning capacity is limitless as long as they are interested and engaged. With that in mind, the school's goal is to playfully introduce concepts of arts and sciences as far as the children's interests and ages allow.

Social-emotional skills are extremely important for all ages, and early childhood is a crucial time in the development of healthy practices on these matters. Playing is a perfect opportunity for educators to guide kids through it, since play time is when children can make decisions, solve problems with friends, and learn how to ask for help if needed.

Pinard Nursery School's goal is to support the development of the whole child, lovingly guiding them through academics, reasoning skills, and emotional development. The program follows its own original curriculum, developed through years of work with preschool children in search of the best practices to combine academic learning with creativity and curiosity. ​The skills targeted by the curriculum are based on the focus skills for The Stanford–Binet, NNAT, and OLSAT tests, which are used as entrance exams for renowned elementary programs in NYC, including the public school system's Gifted & Talented program and Hunter Elementary. The program relies on play-based activities and projects, using fun, kid friendly themes to engage children in reasoning, visual spatial thinking, vocabulary building, and more. ​Students' progress is tracked through a baseline assessment administered each trimester. Parents will be provided with a progress report. 

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”—Aristotle

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