Further Music School (Lower Manhattan)

Founded in 2007, Further Music School now is one of the largest and well-recognized music schools in New York. With more than 5000 students currently enrolled, the school strives to not only teach and develop well-rounded, lifelong musicians but also to encourage a passion for music by hosting concerts, exhibitions, and special cultural events.

At Further Music School, the staff values opportunities for students to further advance their skills in not only learning music but also in performing. The school holds recitals and concerts 3 times a year. The recitals and concerts display and elaborate each student’s achievement in their instrument. Students have unique performance opportunities at world-class concert halls such as Carnegie Hall, Opera America, The Dimenna Center, and Steinway Hall.

With a focus on studying, progressing, and knowledge attainment, registered students of Further Music School have performed at music halls, composed their own classical pieces, excelled in world examinations such as the ABRSM Exam; and that is just the beginning of their musical careers.

Further Music School is recognized as a popular choice for musical education in New York.

Further Music School (Lower Manhattan Location)
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