Eastside Westside Music Together

ESWS Music Together strives to create a community of music-makers by providing excellent teachers, materials, and classroom resources in a developmentally appropriate, engaging, and fun environment. Classes support and nurture music development in young children and encourage adult participation, and teachers are committed to providing a rich music education for your child.

Sample classes are designed to allow families to try out a class to determine if it’s a good fit for you and your child. ESWS Music Together knows that the strength of the Music Together program lies in continuity. Just like language, your child will learn music through exposure and experimentation, and that happens over time with repeated experiences and opportunities to play, explore, and discover his or her "inner musician.” Drop in to try a class, and then join for a full semester of classes. Flexible schedules are available. Multiple locations on the UES and UWS. Call 917-994-0534 for more information.

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