Combat Club

Combat Club by KMI is the only life skills and self-defense academy for kids in NYC.

Established in 2010, Combat Club by KMI focuses on strengthening the mind, body, and character of children and teenagers living in NYC.  Martial arts at Combat Club is not about fighting; it’s about building self-confidence, leadership, life-skills, dealing with adversity and practical self-defense and fitness. All ages (6+) and experience levels are welcome. 

New York can be a really tough place to grow up and to raise children. Very few people outside of NYC can understand the unique set of challenges to kids, youth and parents face in raising healthy and resilient young adults. The education system has left a gap and it is increasingly difficult to work and succeed in your personal lives and careers while also ensuring your kids are equipped with the skill set they need to succeed, stay healthy and defend themselves. We are here to fill that gap.

The Foundation Program is designed with advice from child behavioral psychologists, parents, teachers, self-defense and fitness experts for the purpose of building fundamental life skills, fitness and practical self-defense skills to help the next generation succeed while overcoming real-world challenges, adversity and prevent harm from everyday occurrences such as bullying, mugging, fights and drugs. In addition to these benefits, parents value the behavioral benefits associated with our program, such focus, self-discipline, self-confidence, improving low self-esteem, lack of friends and developing social skills.

Academic research is moving beyond generalized benefits and proving how martial arts can positively and lastingly affect a child’s development by training executive function and self-regulation. The goal is to get students to Black Belt which requires focus, self-discipline and commitment. After graduating from the Foundation Program, students enter the Black Belt Program or Leadership & Character Development Program, which includes public speaking, storytelling, decision making, problem solving, executive planning & assistant instructing along with advanced self-defense and fitness techniques.

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