British Swim School Manhattan

British Swim Schools offer swimming lessons for babies, children, and adults, focusing first on water survival skills needed to survive a water accident before moving on to stroke development and more advanced skills. The goal-based curriculum has been taught from coast to coast for over 40 years, always utilizing fun and gentle methods in indoor, heated pools.

What factors should you consider when choosing a swim school for your child? 

1. Safety and Survival Focus

Water safety and survival skills can save a child’s life if they ever find themselves in the water unexpectedly. To this effect, children should learn to swim without goggles and experience what it feels like to jump, roll, and float while wearing regular clothing.

2. Highly Trained Instructors

Instructors should be adequately trained and certified through nationally recognized, reputable organizations. A good swimmer doesn’t always equate to a great swim instructor.

3. Clear Objectives and Achievable Goals

Clear objectives are the foundation of a productive learn-to-swim program. It’s important for children to follow a thoughtfully planned curriculum, with goals and benchmarks to ensure they’re progressing over time.

4. Small Class Sizes

When assessing swim schools, it’s important to find the proper balance in class size. Small groups of 3-5 children provide valuable social interaction while keeping students engaged at all times.

5. Fun Environment

Bottom line: swim lessons should be fun. While lessons should be taken seriously and follow a structured curriculum, students will progress faster when lessons incorporate songs, splashing, and fun.

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