The Studio School

At The Studio School, learning and relationships go hand in hand and are alive with passion and curiosity. The Studio School is dedicated to creating a community that celebrates the richness of life and the common bonds of all humanity. Students are empowered to integrate what they learn with who they are. As independent thinkers, they achieve a deep and lasting academic excellence and embrace a life-long love of learning.

Summer @ Studio is The Studio School's action-packed outdoor summer program, running from the end of school in June through mid-July. It will be an unforgettable summer of nature, art, and creative explorations. Options include:

Sun Fun: Explore and Play (ages 2-4)
Come play, splash, and giggle outdoors in the sun with friends. Days are filled with art, music, building, sprinklers, gardening, and cooking. 

Naturescapes: Investigate and Create (ages 5-10)
Explore the great outdoors of NYC. Come spend the days frolicking, exploring, and enjoying nature while campers discover creative expression, become naturalists, and find sprinklers and natural waters.

Arts in the Park: Envision and Innovate (ages 8-13)
Journey through the landscapes of NYC parks, foraging for natural materials and using the environment as a canvas. The magic of nature and art is yet to be created. Campers jump into the world of theater and discover their own voices while exploring storytelling, improv, dance, and more.

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