LeapUp Learning

Do you wish you could visit China this summer? Do you want to practice Mandarin in a true immersion environment? Most importantly, do you want to have fun? This is the right camp for you if your answer is “Yes” to any of these questions. LeapUp has combined language, arts, acting, science and culinary elements together to give campers an authentic experience. 

LeapUp Learning Mandarin Immersion Summer Camp is back in-person this summer. Besides Mandarin Immersion Summer Camp, LeapUp also provides a variety of after school programs. Check out LeapUp's website.

About LeapUp:

LeapUp Learning's mission is to help cultivate well-rounded students through a holistic educational program that supports children’s lifelong learning. Founded in the belief that childhood education should encourage the development of a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary perspective, LeapUp's educators have designed programs that support students in a variety of subjects. These programs aim to help each student explore and grow their individual interests.

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