LeapUp Learning

Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, LeapUp Learning After-School Club keeps students busy and engaged throughout the afternoons in a relaxed and supportive environment. Students participate in a variety of activities including:

  • Homework Club: Practice organizational and time management skills. Students do their homework in a supportive environment.

  • Current Event Club: Learn what is happening around the world through kids-friendly news outlets. Discuss current events among peers.

  • Open Mic Club: Practice public speaking skills. Stand up and give a speech any way you want. The stage is yours.

  • Academic Club: Students work on Singapore Math and ELA Reading Comprehension worksheets to strengthen and boost academic skills.

  • Mandarin Club: Practice Mandarin speaking. Listen to Chinese stories and learn the culture.

  • Free Play Club: It’s “me time”. Relax, read a book, play cards, board games, catch up with friends.

About LeapUp Learning:

LeapUp Learning's mission is to help cultivate well-rounded students through a holistic educational program that supports children’s lifelong learning. Founded in the belief that childhood education should encourage the development of a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary perspective, LeapUp's educators have designed programs that support students in a variety of subjects. These programs aim to help each student explore and grow their individual interests.

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