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HudsonWay Immersion School

In 2020-2021, HudsonWay Immersion School is offering a choice of on-site five full days per week or remote learning in a safe, nurturing environment. Children ages 2 ½-5 develop early childhood development skills in two languages—English and Mandarin or Spanish.  Studies show that children who develop bilingual skills early become better students and have better focus and understanding of other cultures.

Elementary students learn all the core subjects in two languages and benefit from small class sizes and flexible grouping. Students can join without previous language exposure and become bilingual after one year. Students outperform independent school norms on the ERB while achieving high bilingual proficiency; ninety percent of graduates are accepted to their first-choice independent school. Transportation and financial aid are available.

HudsonWay Immersion School
249 Bebout Ave.
Stirling, NJ 07980
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