Code Ninjas – Midland Park

Code Ninjas Midland Park is excited to offer the new Power Up program to families this fall. The upcoming school year is going to be a challenge, and Code Ninjas can make life easier for local families. With Power Up families can:

  • Send kids to the Dojo for full- or half-day sessions loaded with learning and fun. The Dojo is safe, secure, and cleanwith all-new health and safety guidelines in place.
  • ​Have Code Senseis help kids learn to code.
  • Get help from Code Senseis in getting kids set up with their technology, getting them on Zoom calls, keeping them on track with their projects, and more.
  • Get some quiet time for parents to do their work at home while kids get help with their new fall schedules.

To learn more about the program, call 201-389-6684 or visit the Code Ninjas website for more info.

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