JCC MetroWest Camp Deeny Riback

The make-believe, the unexpected, the sense of wonderthis is everything Camp Deeny Riback is about. Camp Deeny Riback is centered around Jewish values that a diverse array of campers connect with in every aspect of their summer. Each summer, campers grow, knowing that the values they learn at camp will propel them forward as well-rounded individuals. Everything at Camp Deeny Riback is created to enhance the life of each individual camper. Camp Deeny Riback provides a loving and nurturing environment that encourages campers to seek out new adventures because they know they will be supported every step of the way. Campers are taught important life skills through activities that transform them into caring, capable, inclusive individuals. CDR guides children from campers to leaders-in-training to staff members, and nurtures them all the way through.

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