All Girls Empowerment Summer Camp

All Girls Empowerment Summer Camp is hosted by Shield Women's Self Defense System. Its mission is to empower each girl through self defense training and other empowering and fun activities. Shield has been teaching self-defense exclusively for women and girls for the past 19 years. 

Camp is open to girls ages 7 to 17 yrs old. Activities include self-defense training, character development workshops, yoga, dance, meditation, water sports, core workout, beach day, fun outdoor sports, and games.

While campers have a blast in various fun activities, sessions will focus on a specific topic that will be incorporated in the games, class discussions, workshops, and mat chat.

Week 1: Acceptance
Week 2: Fear
Week 3: Responsibility
Week 4: Perseverance
Week 5: Confidence
Week 6: Focus & Self Control
Week 7: Anti Bullying
Week 8: Anger Management
Week 9: Kindness & Respect
Week 10: Vision & Purpose

Shield Women's Self Defense System has been taught for Santa Monica Police, LA Co Dept of Public Health, USC, UCLA, Pepperdine, FOX Studios, BuzzFeed, NBC, Lionsgate, Kaiser Permanente, and various companies, government entities, schools, and private groups.

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