Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts

Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts invites children ages 5 to 18 to experience the natural beauty of its campus and the transformative power of the arts. Each summer, Usdan brings exceptional teachers and professional artists—actors, directors, playwrights, painters, sculptors, musicians, composers, dancers, poets, and novelists—to teach and collaborate with students. Usdan believes art making is brave making, friend making, freedom making, and future making.

Usdan is set on an idyllic woodland campus on Long Island, dotted with open-air studios and performance spaces designed to inspire creativity, collaboration, and experimentation. Students design their own summer camp experience by choosing classes in visual art, chess, creative writing, dance, music, nature and sustainability, and recreational arts.

The Usdan experience is unique among arts summer camps in the region, as it brings together the rigor of artistic practice and the playfulness of a classic summer camp, with places to swim, play sports, and practice yoga and archery. It is no surprise that many campers choose to return year after year to continue their creative journeys in Usdan’s welcoming and inclusive environment.

Offerings include 4- and 8-week arts programs for students ages 5 to 18 and 1-week recreational programs for students ages 7 to 14. Bus transportation is available from Long Island and New York City to Usdan's day camp in Wheatley Heights.

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