Houston Botanic Garden

The Houston Botanic Garden -- located along one of the Bayou City's eponymous waterways on the site of a former municipal golf course -- inspires and connects visitors with a curated collection of tropical, sub-tropical, and arid plants from around the world that reflect the city's rich cultural and ethnic diversity. As a 132-acre urban oasis and living museum with 1,000 taxa, the Garden enriches life through discovery, education, and the conservation of plants and the natural environment.

The Garden offers learners of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities a variety of opportunities to discover plants and grow in appreciation of the natural world. For adults, it offers educational programs and workshops in four main areas: horticulture & gardening, nature & conservation, health & wellness, and arts & culture.

Horticulture and gardening programs help participants develop the skills necessary to protect and manage landscapes, design attractive gardens, maintain healthy trees, and more, with an emphasis on practicing ecologically responsible garden care.

Nature and conservation programs encourage participants to explore diverse natural ecosystems and habitats while growing in appreciation of their beauty and functionality.

Heath and wellness programs provide opportunities to get physically and mentally fit while enjoying the Garden, and to find new ways to incorporate plants into a healthy lifestyle.

Arts snd culture programs engage participants' senses and allow them to channel their creativity in activities that use the Garden as a beautiful, natural studio.

Programs in the above areas -- with an emphasis on connecting with nature through practical, hands-on learning experiences -- are also available for young naturalists -- from toddlers to teens -- and their families.

In addition, the Garden offers inquiry-based exercises for school groups -- from preschool through high school -- that will help groups of students grow their scientific skills, plant knowledge, and appreciation for the natural world.

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