Wondrous, Wild Waterfalls Waiting for You in Connecticut

Waterfalls are amazing creations of nature that astound even the hardiest hiker and outdoor lover. The water pounding on the rocks, the splash of the spray, and the shallow wading pools leave the kids with lasting memories. Connecticut is lucky to be home to hundreds of waterfalls; many of them are accessible with just short walks and a little effort for all ages. Of course, please exercise caution at all of these sites as rocks are slippery when wet! If you are looking for more outdoor adventures, go hiking at one of these Hartford area spots and check out our list of ropes courses in Connecticut!

10 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Southbury, Connecticut

When my husband announced our family's plan to relocate from Southeastern Connecticut (city, seaside life), to the Western end of the state (suburbs and very inland), I felt very unsure how we'd fare.  Where would we live?  What would we do for fun?  How would I ever live without seeing the ocean out my front window?  We ultimately settled on Southbury in western New Haven, and what a fabulous decision we made.  Since our move, we've often said we hardly need to leave town to do anything!  There's so many super cool, fun things to do with the whole family!

Arts and Crafts Birthday Parties in New Haven County

If you’re planning a child’s birthday like I am, you know the sense of responsibility that comes with the choice you make. After all, a child’s 4th birthday only comes around once. Got to make it special! Special you shall! There are plenty of arts and crafts options if you are looking to have somebody else host your child’s birthday party. I found some that will host your party and others that will come to you. Either way, your little one will have a special day to remember. Check out what I’ve found for arts and crafts parties in New Haven County.

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