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AquaMermaid offers mermaid party entertainment for kids of all ages.

Mermaid Swimming Party (ages 7+)
Your child and guests can transform into beautiful mermaids and discover the unique sport of mermaid swimming. Dreams come true as human swimmers—adults and kids alike—transform into shimmering, graceful mermaids. Before they can glide through the water, though, students have to learn how to swim with mermaid tails. During classes or parties, instructors progress from basic tail-swimming lessons to advanced techniques. Activities conclude with a photoshoot, so mermaids can immortalize their new moves.

Mermaid Entertainer (ages 3+)
AquaMermaid's entertainers gracefully swim in the water, interact with guests, and pose for photos. The mermaids lead aquatic games with the kids in the water, swim holding hands, tell mermaid stories, and pose for group and individual photos.

You can come to AquaMermaid's facility, or they'll travel to your private pool or hotel.

AquaMermaid Chicago - University of Illinois
901 W Roosevelt Rd., UIC Small Pool
Chicago, IL 60608

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Chicago, IL
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