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STEMtastic's virtual birthday parties are interactive and require minimal adult supervision. During the 45- to 60-minute party, children explore fun, scientific concepts through a hands-on project using common household materials and end the party singing "Happy Birthday!" Parties are for up to 12 children. 

Choose your STEMtastic party theme from one of the following options: 

Ziplines Virtual Party - Young engineers will design and build  zip lines as we test how angles and weight impact speed. Recommended for ages 7-10. 

DIY Chemistry Lab  - What is yeast and how does it make our bread so fluffy? Learn how to make your own homemade batch with the power of chemistry! Recommended for ages  5-10. 

Unicorns  - Create a magical unicorn horn to make dirty water clean, learn how dragons make fire, and produce a rainbow in a bowl. Recommended for ages  3-10. Children under 5 with adult supervision. 

What Floats Your Boat?  - Build your own boat and explore what happens when it takes on weight. Recommended for ages  3-10. Children under 5 with adult supervision. 

Ocean Creatures & Flying Features  - Learn the principles that keep sharks buoyant and planes aloft. Recommended for ages  5-10. 

Rockets!  - 321 blast off! Build straw rockets and learn how rockets rockets launch. Recommended for ages  5-10. 

Rainbow Art  - Observe how we make our own rainbows with glass, paint, and other household objects. Recommended for ages  5-10. 

CSI: a precious object has been stolen from the museum. Can your guests solve the crime in time for the serving of the cake? We'll learn to extract DNA, dust and lift fingerprints and perform some handwriting analysis.  Ages 7-12.

Mythical Creatures: Are unicorns, dragons and mermaids real? Your guests can decide for themselves as they attempt to perform the mythical talents they were said to have. Clean dirty water with a hand-made unicorn horn, create a rainbow, build a flying glider and observe a flame ignited inside a glass container. Ages 3-12.
Miniature Amusements: Your guests will have a blast constructing their own miniature amusement park, with a marble ramp roller coaster, a zipline and catapult! Learn step by step how to create each attraction using household items. Ages 3-12. 

Parties are available on weekends, or on weekdays after 4pm Eastern.  

To reserve your party, select your preferred date. After checkout, you will receive an email confirmation and instructor will email you to confirm your party time, customize your party, and provide a materials list and Zoom invite link to share with your guests.  

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Stemtastic offers on-site parties, camp visits, live virtual programming, and pre-recorded videos. Camps: An interactive visit from Stemtastic will have your campers screaming for more. Campers can build and fire catapults, design a pinball machine inside a box, and construct their own marble ramps and mazes. Older campers can choose to solve a crime scene investigations and extract DNA, lift fingerprints, and analyze handwriting.  Parties: Stemtastic birthdays are truly unique, allowing the birthday child to plan the fun. The birthday child chooses the theme, and Stemtastic more
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