Stemtastic offers on-site parties, camp visits, live virtual programming, and pre-recorded videos.

Camps: An interactive visit from Stemtastic will have your campers screaming for more. Campers can build and fire catapults, design a pinball machine inside a box, and construct their own marble ramps and mazes. Older campers can choose to solve a crime scene investigations and extract DNA, lift fingerprints, and analyze handwriting. 

Parties: Stemtastic birthdays are truly unique, allowing the birthday child to plan the fun. The birthday child chooses the theme, and Stemtastic will tailor the games, activities, and projects to fit for a truly unique experience that guests will be buzzing about for years. 

Pre-schools: Preschoolers will love Stemtastic's "Science Through the Alphabet" series where they'll learn their letters through science experiments and demonstrations. Sessions include A is for Ant, B is for Bubble, U is for Unicorn, and more.

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