Let's Make It Academy

Let’s Make It Academy is an online learning hub combining creativity, hand sewing, and self-learning skills. Your child will learn to hand sew (and machine sew if they choose) to create cool projects from the comfort of home.

Let’s Make It Academy courses begin with basic skills like threading a needle and progress while building on newly learned skills. The instructor, a current classroom teacher, guides your child step-by-step as if she’s in the room, and your child works at his/her own pace.

All courses include an intro video, a handout (learning goals, illustrated materials needed, vocabulary, and tips), sewing patterns, tutorial videos, and resources for materials.

Your child will learn to work with simple sewing patterns and create 3-D projects. They will gain confidence practicing their fine motor skills, and they will practice decision making skills as they select fabrics and materials.

Activity Guides