Language Workshop for Children

Developed by pioneers of language education for children, Language Workshop for Children (LWFC) programs bring 10 years of online experience and 50+ years of classroom experience to your living room with individualized, active language classes. Each lesson is based on proven methods and materials perfected to capture your little one’s attention during the ages when he or she absorbs information the fastest.

While other online kids language classes rely on videos for passive learning, LWFC students receive one-on-one interactive and humorous lessons with certified, native-fluent teachers. LWFC private language lessons give kids the chance to focus, hear pronunciation clearly, and consistently practice speaking in their target language. 

Offer your kids an engaging learning experience that opens doors to a world of discovery. LWFC now offers special programs for the twos in addition to private lessons for ages 3 and up, plus test prep and tutoring.

Language Workshop for Children
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