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6 NYC Food Courts That Make Family Mealtime Easy

By Sona Charaipotra and Sarah Gonser 

Food courts, in spite of their mall­-culture reputation, are enjoying a bit of a renaissance, and not just in suburbia. Right here in NYC, remade food halls are gaining major foodie clout with excellent vendors, artisan marketplaces and appealing perks for families with kids. Actually a food court might just be the perfect eatery for families: there's a food option for everyone, minimal wait times, multiple bathrooms and no one notices if your kid tantrums or drops half their meal on the floor.

Because we're always on the lookout for great kid-­friendly outings, especially during the colder months, we've rounded up, and sampled, six outstanding food halls that offer top-notch eats, spacious seating and lots to do in the surrounding neighborhood. Check out our NYC Restaurant Guide for even more family dining options in just about every neighborhood—and every finicky palate.