Have Parenting Podcasts Jumped the Shark?

8/24/07 - By Anna Fader
Last week the iTunes store did a spotlight on Parenting Podcasts. Since then, I've been trying to decide if that meant that parenting has become cooler or if podcasting has become less cool. After long, hard philosophical soul-searching I've decided...the answer is both. (That was productive.) Anyway, enough about me. What's this mean for you? Well, there's lots of podcasts out there with information, entertainment and just plain voyeurism (into other people's boring banal lives.) At the iTunes store, all the Parenting Podcasts are free and you'll find everything from professional video podcasts like Family Fun TV or Parents Magazine to informative programs like Pediacast or Pregtastic to amateur radio programs from funny mummies like Manic Mommies or Jumping Monkeys. Podcasts are great for listening to while you're actually doing work (ie you can't be reading my your favorite blog). They're just like blogs, only noisier.