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See Broadway Shows for Free with Kids' Night on Broadway

This Halloween treat your trickster to something a little different than the usual holiday fare. Kids' Night on Broadway, the popular night on the Great White Way just for them, is back, and this year it’s on October 31st.  Kids can see a free Broadway (or even Off Broadway) play, participate in special Halloween events, plus there are more fun surprises and special deals in store for ticket holders.  Read on to find out what is playing and how to get your ticket (hurry - tickets are going fast!)

Nine Great Shows for Kids in New York City: Culture Guide Fall 2010

Fall is more than just back to school and Halloween; it is the start of a brand new theater season in New York City--and not just for the adults. Thanks to a host of actors, musicians, puppeteers and storytellers kids have lots of great theater in this town. Most live shows for kids are about one hour in length, designed just for them and much more affordable than the Great White Way.  Live family theater is a perfect way to engage their young minds--and we are blessed with a lot of it. We happily took on the task of wading through the many, many shows being produced this fall to bring you what we think you and your gang will really enjoy.  Read on for our highlights of the fall 2010 Children’s Theater Season.

23 Historic Treasures Fling the Doors Open for Your Family this Weekend

Here in NYC we are really lucky to be surrounded by so many old and important buildings. Many of which are managed by the Historic House Trust.  This weekend, the trust is flinging open the doors to twenty three of these noteworthy structures and holding some cool special events, as part of their Historic House Festival. What makes it even cooler is the common denominator to the festival is food, specifically food history and the evolving culinary culture in NYC. So, what does this mean for families?  It means this weekend is the perfect time to drag your kids to a historic home!  There is nothing worse to my son than going on a tour of some boring old building, but this weekend, there are quite a few family friendly and kid specific events at the festival. The Queens County Farm Fair and The Little Red Lighthouse Festival are just two of them.  Why not spend the weekend taking a bite out of history?

Things to Do in The Art Museums of New York City: Special family programming, story times, free events and more

[UPDATED: September 8, 2012]

Visiting one of New York City’s famous museums is always an enriching experience for families, but it's even more engaging if you go when there's special programming for kids. NYC's art institutions are bursting at the seams with great extras for every age, including classes, art workshops, film screenings, storytime, concerts and more. 

We've rounded up some of our favorite ongoing programs for kids at NYC's museums. There is so much going on, let’s just get right to it!

World Maker Faire NYC: Win Free Tickets to This Awesome Festival of Ingenuity

This giveaway is over. The World Maker Faire is making its New York debut this year, and we're lucky to be able to attend this festival of creativity and ingenuity without having to fly out to Cali. Started by MAKE magazine, the World Maker Faire is a celebration of imaginative, do-it-yourself, invention. Though kids will no doubt be in awe of the life-size mouse trap and Coke Zero/Mentos fountain, this way upgraded science fair sounds like it can definitely entertain us chaperones too. And some lucky Mommy Poppins readers will be going for free! Read on to learn more about this geek-tastic event, and enter to win four free tickets.

'Green' Lunch Containers Can Save You Money

There is a staggering statistic being bandied around on tree hugger websites lately, that each school aged kid throws out 67 pounds of garbage a year with their home packed lunch. Multiply that by the number of school kids on your block and that is a lot of plastic wrap and juice boxes going into landfills every year.  It doesn’t have to be that way. When my son started full day school last year I made an effort to pack a “waste free lunch”. To my surprise it was easy.  Cutting back on all that trash even saved me money. Now if I could just figure out how to get him to eat what I pack!  

Read on for our tips on how to build a greener and cheaper lunch.

New Educational Programs for Fall 2010 at the Central Park Zoo

Central Park's Zoo has revved up it's educational offerings for families, youth and even adults for Fall 2010. They have expanded their toddler series and created exciting new programs for families and big kids. You can make treats for the animals, enjoy some fall and winter fun, meet some of the staff at the zoo and get an inside peek at what they do and a lot more.  Plus they have a new winter zoo camp for kids.  My son has done a ton of programs at the Central Park Zoo, even a few summers of camp, and the programs here are great --organized, interesting, well thought out and fun.  They usually fill up fast but the Curator of Education assured us that there was still room in every program.  So don’t wait too long.

4 Cool Enrichment Classes for Kids in New York City: Comedy, Rugby, Weaving and Veterinarian

[UPDATED: July 12,2012]

Kids today get to do way better stuff than I ever did when I was a child.  When I was a kid, after school programs consisted of sports or scouts with maybe a piano lesson thrown in for good measure, a far cry from the opportunities available to my son.  Unique and enriching classes are abound in New York City:  rugby, veterinary school and stand up comedy are just a few of the classes available nowadays.

Some of the coolest enrichment classes for kids in NYC:

Sneak Peak: Turtle Back Zoo's New Aquarium Exhibit

There’s something new at the zoo! (Besides the new face painting and glitter tattoo artist, of course). The charming Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange has been around since 1963, but it’s always re-inventing itself. In late September (date to be determined) Turtle Back will open its newest exhibit, “Worlds of Water” aquarium. Here I'll share details with you about the aquarium that will definitely be on your must visit list.


Have Your Fun and Eat It Too: 8 Great Cooking Classes for You and Your Kid

Cooking with your child is a great way to spend some quality time together. The hands-on exploration of cooking is not just a great sensory experience, but can also help to get junior interested in what he eats, and might just tempt him out of his hot dog and applesauce comfort zone into the wilds of more exotic flavors. Plus, it's fun. Family cooking activities abound this fall, and we've found some great parent-child cooking workshops and classes for you. Here are a few options.



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