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Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Book Fest, Butterfly Release, Earth Day, April 22-23

It's all good this weekend. First, there's good for the environment: Earth Day recognizes the importance of looking after the number one mother (Earth) with a flurry of good festivals celebrating the planet we call home. You can show Momma E some love at the zoo, the aquarium, gardens, or the beach, and on bikes, at the movies, with crafts, concerts, kites, and cleanups.

Then there's a good book. You can find plenty of those at the LA Times Festival of Books, one of the goodliest events of the year. 

And since one good turn deserves another, why not join a whole bunch of science types gathering at the Columbia Memorial Space Center, showing all the good science can do? More science lovers are getting together in Pershing Square; a whole lot of good could come of it.

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Fun & Free Easter Weekend Events for LA Kids: All About Eggs, April 15-16

Look! Under that tree: it’s an Easter egg hunt! And there’s another, behind the bushes! Wait, I see dozens of them: they’re listed in our Easter egg hunt roundup! Grab your basket and collect them all (but make sure you leave enough for the other mommies).

See, here’s the deal: There is literally an egg hunt on every block, every corner, every square inch of Los Angeles this weekend. And every egg that you find?  You open it up and—surprise!—it tells you about another egg hunt. Some egg hunts are in gardens; some are in malls; some are on the farm; some come with breakfast. (Eggs and breakfast? Weird.)  

Actually, the trick this weekend is going to be not finding an egg hunt. There are a few other things out there: you might luck onto kid rockersbubblescomets, maniacal animalsslammin' poetryfree parks, and clean sands and...

EggsEggy egg eggsLots and lots of eggs.

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Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Chumash Powwow, Japanese American History, Kite Festival, April 8- 9

This weekend is filled with colorful treasures; you just need to know where find them. What's that in the skies over Santa Monica Beach? You found the kites! See anything in Little Tokyo? Only George Takei, oh my! What's hiding at Angels Stadium? That would be some dazzling pyrotechnics!

There's no limit to what you can find! Printing pressesCometsSuperhero PrincessesLords and LadiesUkulele Music! Salsa Instruction!

You were thinking maybe eggs? Understandable. As it happens, this weekend is sort of a practice run for next weekend's big event. You can ease into Easter with quite a few egg hunts, bunny meet ups, and spring galas. Play your plagues right and you might even find the afikomen. You just need to know where to look (and I just need to remember where I hid it....)

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Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Bubblefest, Children's Earth Day, and April Fools, April 1 - 2

No joke, this is shaping up to be one of the best weekends ever. In the history of the world. This weekend is better than free ice cream. Got that? Better than free ice cream!

Expect animals with talent, mystical child swallowing bubbles, superheroes in the southland, trains you know by name, bunny love, and prankster cartoons. There's so much science we might just go boom. The fat lady sings, and so does the mouse, and though the whales and birds are migrating, things are looking good for planet Earth, (because kids are on the job!) This weekend is so good, we'll probably just pack it up and call it quits after this, because no other weekend could ever be this good again.

And that my friends, is the only April Fools joke in this opener, because no matter how super awesome our events calendar may be, like a fine wine, it just keeps getting better and better. No joke.

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Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Zoo Spectacular, CicLAvia, Peacock Day, March 25-26

So I guess it's a new season now. We're starting to see events with Spring in the title. The swallows are making their annual appearance, along with their show-off cousins the peacocks. And lo! A certain bunny has even been seen hopping down that well worn trail.  

In this season of renewal, it's a good time to think about this place we call home. Why not take an hour off to appreciate what our world looks like unplugged. (I'm assuming darker.) Look to the skies; look to the streets where you live. Don't be swayed by pretty little liars: be inspired by those who help

Now's the time to appreciate all you can do; now's the time to find your power. We might even be able to set things straight. After all, it ain't over til the fat lady sings.

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Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Airport Art, Steampunk, and Beauty and the Beast, March 18 -19

It's going to be a marathon weekend, and by that I don't just mean a literal "run 26.2 miles/get a medal" kind of marathon—although come to think of it, there is one of those going on. Cutting a path from Dodger Stadium to Santa Monica Pier, passing Olvera Street, City Hall, The Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Rodeo Drive along the way (seriously, how LA is that?), the LA Marathon sounds awesome, especially if you're still recovering from last week's time change.

But the marathon I am talking about is the one in which we attempt to shove a month's worth of entertainment into two measly days. On one hand, we've got the LA Nature Fest at the Natural History Museum, which takes a look at LA's wild things. (Insert joke about my offspring here.) On another, you've got the Santa Monica Airport Artwalk, where you can mix and mingle with the artists in residence. On another, you've got the highly anticipated live action version of Beauty and the Beast (which, if your wild things are too wild they can watch while swinging on a jungle gym). You can learn with Pete the Cat and the CSI team at the Columbia Memorial Space Center; you can sing along with Willie Wonka and Princess Beauty. You can clean the beach or clean out the lake. You can meet stars of your favorite shows, or meet stars of your favorite shows.

You can celebrate whales and swallows and cherry blossoms and anachronistic technology and awesome women. You can do just about anything, except find time to do it all. Where's a time-turner when you need it, Hermione Belle?

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Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Kites, St. Patrick and Purim , March 11 -12

Sometimes, it's a tradeoff. A superfun weekend, packed with hamantaschen and tam o'shanters, migrating whales and butterflies-to-be, but it comes at a cost. And that cost is steep: an hour of sleep, paid to the bank of Daylight Savings.

Yet look at all you get:  you can dive under the sea without getting wet! You can (get tickets to) explore (the place where they explore) space. You can skip the cooking, because your kid is gonna learn how to do it for you. (Priceless!)

You can explore the mysteries of wisteria, the reveries of Emily (Dickinson), and the saga of Sulu (oh my!). If all else fails, you can go fly a kite (I hear the weather will be excellent for it). Sleep, who needs it?  Am I right? Am I....zzzzzzzz.

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Weekend Fun for LA Kids: STEAM, 626 Fest, and Cherry Blossoms, March 4 - 5

March is coming in like a lion but it will be going out like, well, like a lion. (A well trained, talented lion, but still.)  Because, hello, March has got it going on. Have you taken a look at this month?

We've got whales. We've got STEAM. We've got cherry blossoms and wistaria. We've got a pot o'gold, and we've got swallows. We've got Hamentaschen. March is a time of change and March is a time of rebirth.

So let's hear it for March! Let's take to the streets and let our voices be heard! Because we are women! Because we love science! March! March! (It's madness, I tell you!)

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