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Sugar-Hi: A New Sweet Spot for Westchester Families that's Simply to Die for

A new sweet shop has arrived in Westchester, and it’s so good that it’s worth a drive from wherever you live. Introducing: Sugar Hi.

At first glance, the sugar shack may resemble other similar spots—and with respect to the selection of candy and ice cream, a comparison can fairly be made. But make no mistake: The baked goods and frozen beverages are to die for. And while the ice cream and candy are provided by other suppliers, the baked goods are made by the Sugar Hi team for a one-of-a-kind tastebud experience.

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Breakfast with Santa for Kids and Families in Westchester

Though Santa is busy preparing for his famous ride on Christmas Eve, he still somehow has time to break bread (or pancakes) with children in Westchester this holiday season. These cozy get-togethers have become increasingly popular, typically featuring a full breakfast and holiday activity, with added perks at some. The best part? Quality time and photo-op with St. Nick.

We’ve rounded up some top picks for Breakfast with Santa throughout Westchester to help you spread some holiday cheer. Advance registration is either required or recommended, so don't delay. And don't forget to bring your wish list! 

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60 Free Places to Play and Explore with Westchester & Hudson Valley Kids

A lot of money is spent on kids—not just clothes and other necessities, but camps, pool memberships, enrichment classes and extracurricular activities. Tack on the annual birthday bash, and poof—there goes the paycheck!

To help ease the financial pile-on (especially during the pricey holiday season), we’ve identified a long list of ways to keep kids entertained and stimulated without spending a dime. Read on for our thrifty finds.

Looking for more free fun? Keep tabs on our Event Calendar, which is always loaded with free (and low-cost) activities for all ages!

November GoList: The Best Things to Do with Kids in Westchester

November is a month of transition, as the celebrations of Halloween, Thanksgiving and the December holidays merge, and Westchester and the Hudson Valley are rich with related family activities. If you haven't made it to some local Halloween haunts, there's still time; then, before you can say gobble-gobble, it’s time for the Thanksgiving Day Parade and Frosty Day.

This is a good month for makers and STEAM lovers, like the return of the annual Poughkeepsie Mini Maker Faire, and several theatrical productions geared towards families include Biscuit, featuring the lovable character from children's literature. And if you didn't OD on Halloween candy, satisfy your sweet tooth at the Red Hook Chocolate Festival, where decadence is the name of the game.

Below are our top 10 picks for November, but remember that our Event Calendar has many more fun and enriching activities of all kinds. Savor the season and enjoy it all! 

Halloween Weekend Fun for Westchester Kids: Parades, Shadow Puppetry, Boo Walk

Eek! It’s the final weekend before Halloween! Westchester and the Hudson Valley crank up the fun, and below we’ve highlighted some of our faves.

In addition to all the large-scale events found in our Halloween Fun Guide (as of press time, some are nearly sold out, so pounce on these if they’re part of your plan), a don’t-miss event is the annual Nyack Halloween Parade, whether you march in it or spectate. This is the second largest in New York State (second only to the Greenwich Village event). Preschoolers will enjoy the abundant offerings at Harvest Moon Festival; a performance specifically for them, Shadow Puppetry for Little Ones; or one of two outdoor scavenger hunts, such as Boo Walk. Also for Halloween, we’ve rounded up free ways to celebrate and our ultimate bucket list, so no stone is left unturned!

Meanwhile, unrelated to Halloween, Bear Mountain Oktoberfest wraps up this weekend—last call for your fix of bratwurst and apple streudel!

We can’t fit all the fun in our top picks, so be sure to visit our Event Calendar for extra Halloween happenings and much more!

A New Boutique in Tuckahoe with Classes, Cafe, Resale and More

Tuckahoe recently welcomed a new, different kind of business for families: Lil Chameleon.

Serving as a kind of one-stop-shop for all things kid-related, Lil Chameleon features a resale boutique, classes, birthday parties and a snack bar that actually has healthy offerings. Read on to learn more about this hot new spot!

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Weekday Picks for Westchester Kids: Spooktacular, National Pasta Day

Such a fun week lies ahead, with a mix of both seasonal and anytime activities to delight Westchester families!

As the Halloween countdown continues, the options for mood-setting increase. Making its debut is an all-new Jay Ghoul's House of Curiosities, a murder mystery set in the days of flappers, and you’re the detective. Hastings Spooktacular Weekend offers a smorgasbord of Halloween fun over a four-day period—from a haunted house to baking contests and more. And because “National [fill in the blank] Days” are silly but fun, celebrate a great carb at National Pasta Day.

Read on for our top weekday picks and be sure to also check our Event Calendar and our October GoList for more family fun throughout the month! 

The All-New Jay Ghoul's House of Curiosities is Whodunit Halloween Fun

Combining Halloween with a game of Clue, this year’s entirely new edition of Jay Ghoul’s House of Curiosities at Lyndhurst Castle (named for the original occupant, Jay Gould) features a walk-through murder mystery with character encounters throughout the Gothic mansion.

We recently attended a preview and have the skinny on what to expect. Read on for the low-down!

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