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Family-Friendly Car Services with Car Seats in New Jersey

There's no sugarcoating it: traveling with small children is overwhelming. For most parents, the days of packing a small bag and jet-setting across the country are a distant memory. Babies and small children need a lot of stuff, which means traveling families have to lug strollers, pack 'n plays, and big suitcases stuffed with everything from bottles to blankies.

Luckily, if you're using a car service, there's one important—and heavy—item that you can stop stressing about. Many NJ car services now offer car seats for babies, toddlers, and young children, and we've rounded up a dozen of them here. On your next vacation, lighten your load! 

Want to call a Lyft or Uber? Not so fast. Uber only offers car seats for passengers in New York City, Philadelphia or Washington, D.C. Lyft charges an extra $10 per ride for a car seat, but this service is currently only available in NYC. To find more car service with car seat options in NYC, check out NYC Car Services with Car Seats for Babies & Kids.

July 4th Fireworks and Parades Around New Jersey's Small Towns

Sure, you can go big 'n' splashy for July 4th. New Jersey hosts some of the best (and biggest) July 4th fireworks around, from Atlantic City to Jersey City to great beach spots. But why not try a celebration in a small town? They may not have Macy's fireworks, but the charm, the history, the food, and the Americana feel may more than make up for the loss of crowds, noise and, well, crowds.

Check out some of our favorite small town New Jersey July 4th celebrations below that come complete with parades, fun runs, antique car shows, and so much more than just fireworks! And for more summer awesomeness, check out our New Jersey Kids Summer Activities Guide and the newly minted July GoList with all the best things to do with kids in July. Of course, you can find even more July 4th fun in our Event Calendar.  

After-School Programs in New Jersey with an Academic Focus

Back to school means a return to classes, tests, homework, and book reports. It can be stressful when kids struggle with the curriculum, especially for full-time working parents. Students might be learning new concepts in math and language arts with which parents aren't familiar. If you are concerned about your kids falling behind academically, or just want to give them a leg up on the new school year, you are in luck. New Jersey is home to a bunch of great after-school academic programs. Check out some of our top picks below. 

For some great tutoring options, read our post on New Jersey Tutoring Centers, or find more great enrichment programs in our Classes Directory.

Immersion Preschools in Northern and Central New Jersey

With brains like sponges, preschoolers are the perfect age to begin learning a second language. Studies have shown that kids who learn a second language during the preschool years go on to speak more fluently than those who begin to learn at an older age. In addition, bi-lingual children tend to be more creative, have better critical thinking skills and a better understanding of humanity and culture.  One of the reasons young children learn a new language so easily is because they learn through exploration and play. By immersing them in one of these outstanding foreign language preschools, you will be giving them them a lifelong gift that will allow them to succeed in the global economy of tomorrow. If you're looking for some after school language programs for kids of all ages, check out these Language Classes for NJ Kids.

Best Baseball Schools in New Jersey

When we near the Fall Classic, it means baseball season will be over for the year, and parents and kids look for ways to keep their head in the game. Luckily, New Jersey kids have more than a few options when it comes to playing baseball and softball during the cold winter months. We've put together a list of great New Jersey baseball schools that offer indoor lessons, leagues and clinics all year long. For even more fun indoor activities be sure to check out our Indoor Play and Activity Guide.

Best Family Campgrounds in New Jersey

There are lots of ways for New Jersey families to experience the great outdoors. From scenic parks, playgrounds and trails to inviting beaches and lakes, the state offers plenty of places to get some fresh air. But if you really want to get the kids unplugged and at one with nature, it might be time to plan a camping trip. While you may be having visions of s'mores, campfires and happy children sleeping under the stars, the truth is, camping with little ones isn't always easy. Luckily, there are campgrounds throughout the state that cater to adventurous families. From comfortable cabins to family-style entertainment and amenities, these great destinations will make your camping experience memorable. No matter what your family's camping style is you're sure to have a blast at one of these family-friendly campgrounds. 

More Great Miniature Golf Courses in New Jersey

Nothing says summer like a round of miniature golf.  Growing up, I spent many a summer evening enjoying a game of putt-putt with my sisters.  These days, I delight in the nostalgic feeling I get watching my kids fill out their scorecards with that tiny pencil.  Whether you are headed down the shore, or are looking for a local activity, there is sure to be a great course nearby.  New Jersey is home to more than 50 miniature golf courses, and we've highlighted a few of our favorites below.  For more options, check out our original list of the Best Miniature Golf Courses in New Jersey.

Peanut-Free and Nut-Free Bakeries in Northern New Jersey

New Jersey is home to some of the best bakeries in the country. There's nothing like stepping into your local bake shop and picking up a few freshly made cupcakes and cookies. Unfortunately, families with nut allergies have to be extra careful about where they buy their treats. If you or your kids have a nut allergy, don't despair. The Garden State is home to several fantastic peanut-free and nut-free bakeries. The following North Jersey shops carry everything to satisfy your family's sweet tooth, from specialty cakes to scones and pies. For even more nut-free bakeries, check out our post on Nut, Gluten and Dairy Free Bakeries in New York City.