Drop + Dine takes the terrible out of eating out with toddlers

drop_and_dine_logo_low_res.jpgHaving a grown up meal out in a restaurant isn't really a luxury. It can be a survival tactic for stressed out parents who have virtually forgotten that they share anything in common besides the DNA of their children and their inability to get The Wonder Pets theme song out of their head. But figuring out the whole babysitter thing can make going out to eat more a chore than a treat.

So when Brian Kaplan, founder of Parent Play, told me they were starting Drop and Dine it sounded like a great idea. Drop and Dine lets parents eat in peace and quiet in a nice restaurant while their children are entertained and fed just steps away in the private party room of the same restaurant.


Video Post: The Museum of Money

The Museum of American Finance just opened last weekend in Lower Manhattan. Mommy Poppins and co. went to check it out and see if it was cool for kids. Watch our video post to find out. The Museum of American Finance is located at 48 Wall Street and is open Tuesday to Saturday 10am-4pm. Admission: $8 for adults, $5 for students and seniors, free for children under age 7.

Find more must-see exhibits in our Museum Guide.

Check Out the Mommy Poppins Winter Fun Guide

It's finally gotten cold and the days seem to be getting longer - literally and figuratively. So we've collected all our indoor fun and outdoor winter activity posts and organized them on one easy-to-navigate page: The Mommy Poppins Winter Fun Guide

We'll be updating it with our new posts as we write them so check back whenever you need a hot activity for fun in the cold.

Random Giveaway: Personalized Children's Book


I have to admit, I was skeptical when I ordered my Custom Made for Kids personalized book. We had received a personalized book before, and, while my daughter loved it, I ended up having to hide it because it was so very painful to read. It was the dumbest story I had ever read and the illustrations were embarrassingly bad.

So I was overjoyed to discover that The First Adventures of Incredible You, is a huge leap over any other personalized book I've ever seen. What I like most about these personalized children's books is that you get to fill in not just your child's name, but over a dozen personal pieces of information about your child, so the book is really personal and a great memento of this special time.

Find Spring Inside a Giant Dome

indooractivities.jpgAs part of a promotion for their allergy medicine, a pharmaceutical company is putting up a giant geodesic dome in Central Park. Inside the dome they promise to provide...Spring. Flowers and grass and warmth. It sounds rather nice.


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