Free Demo Classes in a Neighborhood Near You

Free demo classes are like the gallery openings of childhood, but instead of free wine and cheese and pretentious art talk, you get a taste of some of the best classes available for kids. Here are some classes for babies, toddlers and kids that have free demo classes coming up, plus a super cool try-out opportunity for girls who just want to rock!

T. Kang Tae Kwon Do in Tribeca offers terrific martial arts classes for children as young as 2 years old and up through adult. Visit their open house on Sunday, April 6th at 12pm for a Tae Kwon Do demo by Junior and Adult students and stick around for free trial classes afterward. Register at the open house for a 10% discount. For questions, please call (212) 219-0043 or email

Apple Seeds, the Chelsea play space is offering a full range of free demo classes like, "almost yoga" for 2.5/3 year olds, crafts, fitness, Spanish, "my Chelsea art opening", cooking and more. Classes are offered for babies up through 5 years old. VIsit the website to see the full offerings and then call to sign up for a free class.

Music for Aardvarks has arrived in a new location in Tribeca and to celebrate they're offering free $15 demo classes throughout the rest of March. You have to reserve a spot online. There are still spaces for March 19, 20, 26 and 27 for these city-centric kid music classes. In addition to the free $15 classes participants will get a free Taxi CD and $50 off Spring registration. [Sorry for the misprint. The classes are not free, but you do get a free CDS]

Not to be outdone, during the first week of April, Music Together is offering free trial classes for new students in several locations around Manhattan including, Murray Hill, Gramercy, Chelsea, SoHo, Tribeca, Battery Park City, and the West Village. Check out their website for dates and locations and to sign up.

In the "not free, but totally worth it" category is the Willie May Rock Camp for Girls MiniCamp this Saturday, March 22nd from 1-7pm at Union Pool in Brooklyn. They'll be giving guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and singing lessons to help uncover the rock star that lurks inside your little princess. Performances by hot girl rock bands Mod Rocket, Magnolia and Care Bears on Fire may inspire an irreversible trend toward uber-coolness. Open to all ages, but recommended for 5 and up. Register online. Performances by hot girl rock bands Mod Rocket, Magnolia and Care Bears on Fire may inspire an irreversible trend toward uber-coolness. Open to all ages, but recommended for 5 and up. Register online.


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See the Elephants March Across NYC

The Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus is heading this way and that means the annual elephant march is too. On Tuesday, March 18th at around nidnight the elephants will march through the mid-town tunnel and across 34th Street to Madison Square Garden. Yes it's late, yes it's a school night, but this is one of our 100 things to do with your kids in NY before they grow up, so if not this year definitely put it on your to do list.

Linkin' Blogs: Bad Baby Names, Brooklyn Openings, Art Walks and More


Links to the best of everything kid and parenting related in the NYC media for the last week.

Bad Baby Names
Will having an unusual name make your baby do poorly in school, be unpopular or even possibly become a criminal or a delinquent? A new book Bad Baby Names investigates??”NY Times

Coney Island Amusements Now Open
The Brooklyn Paper reports that Coney Island amusement parks opened this weekend, almost a month early. It's possible this will be the last year of Coney Island as we know it, so take advantage of the early opening to get in some extra trips out there.

Real Grown Up Art Exhibits That Kids Will Like Too

articles_18.jpgWe all love a good kiddie show. Sure. But every once in a while it's great to go to a real grown up museum and see real art and remember what it feels like to have a full working brain, and speak a sentence that has more than three words and isn't about scrambled eggs.

Through some confluence of the gods there happens to be quite a few art exhibits running right now (real art exhibits in real museums) that not only can you get away with bringing your kids to, but they might actually really enjoy. Art exhibits where children will experience them on a kid level and you can enjoy them on another level with that part of your brain you'd forgotten you had.

Below is a summary of 5 different art exhibits worth checking out??”for yourself and with your kids:

$100 Kangaroodle gift certificate giveaway

image.jpegYesterday we posted about some of the basic baby necessities new mommies will be needing as they venture into the frontier of parenthood. Today we've got a great giveaway for some products you maybe didn't know you needed until you saw them.

Like, until you saw this image you might not have realized the gaping void in your life caused by not having a handmade baby hat with bunny ears.

image-2.jpegOr the danger you are risking by not carrying these cute, comfy cotton BabySpareWear separates which come in their own little tote to tuck into your bag.

And what about after the little problem that made you need a change? Without a Wet Happened bag you would be forced to tote your pee-soaked togs in something as unfashionable as a plastic bag.

What to Expect (to Buy) When You're Expecting

Getting ready for a baby is overwhelming, especially these days where ingenious moms have come up with products for every possible move your baby will make. I'll never forget the day that I forced my husband to take me to Buy Buy Baby where we spent hours walking around in a daze and eventually left in tears. I couldn't figure out what we actually needed and what was some marketing ploy and I was determined not to fill up our apartment with a lot of crappy looking stuff that would never be used.

After conducting extensive research (ie emailing all our friends with babies) we have come up with a list of essential things to have that first year. We've updated our store with great ideas for all your baby essentials perfect for your next shower, registry or if you just need to stock up yourself.


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