Are you an alpha-alfalfa mom?

kerr_modern_homemaker_1947.jpgHow often do you fantasize about escaping the rat race, moving to the country and spending your days making fresh bread and jam from the berries in your garden?

Every time I start to dream about this I have to do the ol' reality check and make sure my fantasy accurately depicts the garden that I haven't weeded in weeks, the mice that I can't ever seem to get rid of, and the pile of stinking compost on the kitchen counter; because I know myself and, even in the country, I'd be so busy doing 20 million things that all that stuff I idealized about slowing down and doing just wouldn't get done.

There's a new breed of uber-moms - they're the ones who are working their hineys off to live and raise their family in most the ultra sustainable, non-materialistic, anti-consumer, locavore way. And it ain't no picnic, folks. It's a blood sport.

Happy New Year!


8 kids, 11 confetti poppers...we're going to be finding that stuff all year long.

Today is the official end of our first full year at Mommy Poppins. I'd like to thank all of our readers and our advertiser, College Nannies and Tutors.

Top Posts of 2007: NYC Services

As we've been turning everything over onto the new server, we've had the chance to look through the archives at all the old posts. It's amazing. I can't believe how much we covered in one year. This week we'll be posting our best posts from the whole year by category. Look forward to Best Food Posts, Best Activities Posts, Best Outings Posts, Best Travel Posts and today, Best of Services Posts.

Best NYC Services Posts of 2007

Camp Consultants


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