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Connecticut's Best Sunflower Patches and Places to Cut Your Own Flowers

One thing I always look for forward to is the blooming of tall, fresh-faced sunflowers, peering over me, bringing the sunshine a little bit closer to earth.  My family loves to be surrounded by fresh flowers as well as bring them into our home, and there is nothing better than cutting your own (forget grocery store bouquets!). If flowers make your day like they do mine, then you will want to check out the great places you can dance amongst the daisies here in Connecticut. And, of course many of these places offer pick your own berries, veggies and fruit too.

Wondrous, Wild Waterfalls Waiting for You in Connecticut

Waterfalls are amazing creations of nature that astound even the hardiest hiker and outdoor lover. The water pounding on the rocks, the splash of the spray, and the shallow wading pools leave the kids with lasting memories. Connecticut is lucky to be home to hundreds of waterfalls; many of them are accessible with just short walks and a little effort for all ages. Of course, please exercise caution at all of these sites as rocks are slippery when wet! If you are looking for more outdoor adventures, go hiking at one of these Hartford area spots and check out our list of ropes courses in Connecticut!

Be Brave at One of These Outdoor Ropes Courses in Connecticut

Feel like your kids are climbing the walls while on Summer vacation? How about letting them loose to climb and play in the trees? Mommy Poppins has assembled a great list of outdoor ropes courses that will both challenge and excite your kids (and CT has a lot of them!). While you're at it, you may want to check out these indoor ropes courses as well. Tip: Make sure to wear sneakers.

CT Campgrounds That Are Extra Fun for Kids

Camping is fun.  But after three or four days, hanging around the tent with your active toddlers, swapping mosquito bites with one another can start to take the joy out of the experience. But what if you could stay at a cool campground that planned tons of things for kids to do? We have found several Connecticut campgrounds that offer fun themed weekends that are all about Pirates, Mardi Gras, and Wintertime and that will offer your family great amenities like playgrounds, swimming pools, and on-site mini golf. And don't forget to check out Mommy Poppins' camping guide for Connecticut!

Shop, Eat, Play, and Stay Cool in Coastal Town, Niantic

As you approach Niantic on the highway, you can begin to smell the fresh sea air. Niantic is one of several little sea towns in Connecticut that will make you wonder if you are still in the same state. Filled with history, cute little shops, places to eat, and places to play - it's a great day trip.

A Visit to the New Britain Museum of American Art

Something happens when you bring a child into a fine art museum. Their talking hushes and their eyes sparkle as they take in the colors and creations of the things all around them. Right here in the Hartford area, we have a terrific museum of American art that offers a variety of things for kids. Familiar names like Alexander Calder, Andrew Wyeth, and Ansel Adams grace the walls of this urban museum.

Our Visit to Kidcity in Middletown

Before you set foot in Kidcity, you'll most likely have already heard about it from moms who have gone or plan to go. Kidcity Children's Museum in Middletown is a one-of-a kind destination designed for little ones ages 7 and under to explore, socialize and probably learn something along the way. Director Jen Alexander, founder and creator behind Kidcity, wants little children to come and navigate their way through the three floors of fun and be free to experience it any way they like to - whether that is skipping from room to room or spending the entire time in one fascinating place.

25 Things to do in Middletown with Your Kids

Middletown was once a historic port town and industrial center but has now become a hopping and eclectic place to bring your family for food and entertainment. Moms and Dads love Middletown for its simultaneous city/town feel and the variety of options available for entertainment such as KidCity and Middletown Roller Rink.  You don't have to go far in in this town to find a great cultural restaurant, something to do with the kids, or places to shop and play.